Sunday, December 13, 2015


Monkey and I were having a tickling fight. At one point I caught him up and said, "I want kisses! May I kiss you?" 
He said "No," of course. Such a little boy.
"How about Eskimo kisses?" 
"Butterfly kisses?"
"No! Dinosaur kisses!"
"Dinosaur kisses? How do we do those?"

At this point, I should explain. Our family will often "Eat you up, I love you so!" This is a quote from Where the Wild Things Are. Eating you up involves "biting" the hollow of the neck/shoulder with no teeth to result in lots of laughing. 

Monkey shows me a "dinosaur kiss" by "eating me up, he loves me so." This proceeds to even more tickling and laughing. Pillows become involved, so now it's a full fledged pillow fight. At one point, he's sitting on my chest and says, "Rottett kisses!"
"What kind of kisses?"
"Bast off!!" He then leans down and gives me what seems like a normal kiss until I say, "MWAH!" and he falls backward like a rocket blasting off. I die laughing. 

It draws the attention of LadyBug. More tickling. More pillow hits. More dinosaur and rocket kisses. I sneak in butterfly kisses for LadyBug. Frog wonders in to see what all the noise is back. She runs back and reports to Daddy. When the two of them come back, I tap out. 

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