Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ariel and the Big News by Laura Wiggins


Once upon a time there were a new baby born! It was Ariel! She was so cute! All the people came to see it! Every merman and mermaids came to see it! But one people did not come to see it! It was the Octopus! She was a bad guy! She did not like Ariel! One day when her mom was teaching all the mermaids and mermens, Octopus got her and put her octopus
jail! She could not get out! Time pass and Ariel grew up! The Dad forgot about the Mom! Ariel was beautiful in her own way! They live in a small house in the ocean! She loved looking around! She loved her Dad too! One day she went far away in the deep blue sea! She found a comb, but she didn't know what it was! And she found a smoking thing but she didn't know what that was either! So she went to a seagull to find
out! So she went! She found the seagull in a rock! Hi, Scuttle! She said, "How are you doing today?" 
"I am doing great," he said. "What's the problem?" 
"We don't know
what this is or this," she said.
"Hmmm, I know. This is a fork," he said. But it's really a comb; that's what we think! "And this is a musical instrument," he said. But that's really a smoking thing; that's what we think.
And off she went to tell her dad! She went home to tell her dad! He was mad! "I don't like when you touch human stuff!" he said to Ariel. 
Ariel said, "I am sorry," she said.
But she still went to a person this time! She saw a man laying on sand! It was the prince! He was kind too! Just like her! She said, "Hi, Prince!" 
He said, "Hi, mermaid!" And he went to the castle! She went to home right away!
One day when she was about to grab her breakfast, Dad said she had news. She was excited! Dad said, "We were going to be at a castle!" 
She said, "Hip hip hip hooray!"
The end.

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  1. Better than Disney! Brava! I love the hand drawn illustration!