Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Day at the Park

Today, Laura and I took the FCS 3rd Grade to the Prairie Grover Battle Field Park. It was hot. And MUDDY! So, I took her pants off first thing because I forgot to pack a spare pair and she was going to have to wear them to a party later on tonight. At one point, I look over at her, and she's playing in the dirt (sand box) with no pants and a pacifier hanging out of her mouth (When did she steal that from me?!) and I thought, "I used to say I'd never let my children run around half naked in the dirt with a pacifier!" Oh, well. She had fun, anyway. And was definitely cooler than all of us wearing jeans. Later on, at the party, she still looked like a raggamuffin because the sand was still coming out of weird orifices and making her look dirty. Sheesh. Laura had a blast today.

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