Friday, May 8, 2009

The Pine Bluff Family

If you check out the posts from May of last year on Laura's old site, you'll read all about our Pine Bluff family. Like last May, someone graduated (this time Auntie Pam). So, all the family was in town today. Laura, of course, was thrilled to see Dantre. And then, after being fed, she promptly sat down in the middle of the floor and played with an empty water bottle and cap all night. She's so sociable. Keith wants it made known that she was trying to figure out the complex movement required to screw the cap back on the bottle. She got it placed on there once, but didn't screw it on. Still, she got close.

The pictures of her with the balloon are from when Aunt Zizi brought her a balloon from Blockbuster's this afternoon. She, of course, made sure the balloon matched Laura's clothes. :-)

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