Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gardens, Park

Laura and I walked over to Westwood Gardens (nursery and retail store) today while waiting for Keith to come get us. Laura stopped to smell the roses. And smell the roses. And smell the roses. The only thing that could drag her away from them (other than Daddy, eventually) was the statuary. The first statue she noticed was a bull dog. About the size of a normal pug. She gave him a hug. Then, she walked up to the girl in the picture. It's a tiny bit shorter than Laura is (sorry, I didn't get the picture with her). She patted the girl on the head and said, "Doll." I said, "Doll? Sure, that works." 

Later on, in the afternoon, we went to the FCS Year End Picnic. We had a blast. Thanks, PFORCE for putting that on! Laura, of course, spent most of our time there having Daddy, Mommy, or Ashton push her in the swing, or go up and down the slide with her. I'll spare you 100 more photos of her swinging or sliding since you've seen so many the past month. 

At one point, Keith walked over to the stone pillars that supported the pavilion we were at, and pretended to crawl up one like Spiderman. Laura immediately tried to copy Daddy. Because this is what she does. This picture is Laura about five feet off the ground. My climber.

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