Sunday, May 24, 2009


Several days ago (I'm not sure when exactly), Keith told Laura she was a "good girl." She immediately tried to say "girl." Over and over again until she got it right. She's never done that before because until this point, all words have been relatively easy to say. Try it. "Book" rolls off the tongue much more easily than "girl" does. Anyway, the next day when were at my parents, I asked Laura to say "girl" for Grammy. And she did. She's been saying it every time she hears someone say it, or whenever you ask her to. This is a big step because she hasn't spoken words on command before. She signs on command, but that's different. Most of the time, "girl" sounds more like "gull," "ghoul," or "gall." But at least she's trying. We've begun telling her "Mommy's a girl. Laura's a girl. Grammy's a girl. Aunt Zizi's a girl. But Uncle Paul's a boy. Daddy's a boy. Granddad is a boy." She just smiles at us and keeps saying "girl."

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  1. Tricia Preston5/25/09, 3:40 PM

    My favorite part of being a SAHM to a toddler is watching his language develop.