Friday, May 22, 2009

Photo Catch Up

Sorry I haven't been posting photos or videos lately. I'd gotten lazy about sending all the pictures to the computer every night. So, here's catch up. (Today, Laura and I subbed for the last day of school then spent hours watching HGTV at Grammy's. Then, when we picked up Daddy from work, we went to Lowe's. Tomorrow we will re-plant the front flower bed.)

The pictures are: Laura and Noche on the 18th, Me and Laura at the pool on the 20th, Laura at the pool on the 20th, Laura having a tea party on the 21st (she's been having tea parties as often as possible, probably hoping she'll get cookies again), Laura taking care of her baby on the 21st, and Laura moving the trash can around Mrs. Alicia's classroom today.

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