Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea Party

Laura and I have occasionally had tea parties over the last year. We've even invited a few dolls to join us. But never before have we dressed up for a tea party. (Mainly because we didn't have dress up clothes.) On Thanksgiving, Laura was given a box full of clothes that included a Snow White dress. When we put it on her that day, I told her it would be perfect for when we had our tea parties.

Today, Laura brought me her Snow White dress and handed it to me. After I put it on her, she hopped on her tricycle that lives in the living room and rode off down the hallway. A few minutes later, I heard her talking to someone, so I went to check. This is what I found:

A tea party in progress!

So, after I took a few pictures, she asked me, "WanEE?" Which, depending on its inflection means: "I want to eat." or "Do you want to eat?" So, I sat down with her, and she served me a plastic ginger bread man on a tiny doll plate and an empty cup. I was drinking my tea along with her, when she looked at the door and said, "WanEE?" again. I wondered who in the world she was talking to since there was no one else in the house. Then, Noche sauntered in. He meowed a clear, "No." And she asked him again if he wanted to eat. He said "no" again, and came to sniff at each of the dolls. He ended up sitting down at the "table" along with us, though he didn't drink the "tea" Laura served him. It was a splendid good time.

If anyone would like to get Laura more dress up clothes for Christmas, she will appreciate it greatly!

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