Friday, December 14, 2012


We saw a big, blowup Nutcracker in Lowe's.

L: Mommy, is a nutcracker scary?
A: Some people think so. But he's not supposed to be. *tells the story of the Nutcracker Ballet*
L: Oh. Is it a pretty ballet?
A: Yes. Would you like to see it some time?
L: Yes. Is it a movie?
A: Maybe; I'll have to look. But normally, people go to a theater to watch it on stage.
L: Yesterday a long time ago, we went and saw the mad mother and the princess and the prince. And the bad mother didn't want the princess to marry the prince. And it was pretty. Can we go there again?
A: *searches memory* Oh! You mean when we saw the Russian Ballet at Yokov Smirnoff's theater? Yep, that was the story. Would you like to see the Nutcracker Ballet?
L: Yeah. But I don't like the nutcracker's teeth. Is he going to bite me?
A: No. But his teeth have to be hard so that he can crack nuts. That's why he's called a nut cracker.
L: Ok. I want to see the show. But not the mean mouse. He's a little bit scary to me, I think.

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