Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paul better get on it.

A: So, we're going to go have lunch with Miss Danyella today.
L: Do I know Miss Yella?
A: Uh... No. Probably not.
L: But who is she?
A: Uncle Paul's friend from high school, and now she's my friend.
L: And still Uncle Paul's?
A: Yes.
L: And he loves her?
A: Like a friend, yes. Not...romantically.
L: Is Uncle Paul going to get married someday?
A: Probably.
L: Well, I like my aunts Zina and Brenda. I want another one.
A: You're killing me, Smalls.
L: What?
A: Never mind. Finish your breakfast then clean your place off, please.
L: Then dressed?
A: Yes, please.
L: What color does Yella like?
A: You should be fine wearing pink. Why, do you want to impress her?
L: Is she pretty?
A: Yes.
L: Like a princess?
A: Yes.
L: Uncle Paul should marry her.
A: No. They're friends. And she has a boyfriend.
L: Oh. Are they going to get married?
A: Probably.
L: Can we go to the wedding and see her dressed like a princess?
A: Yes. Please eat now.
L: I want to get married and be a princess...
A: *sigh**

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