Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thursday, the Hardins, Adairs, and Sunny came to our house. The kids charmed all of their relatives and we all ate way too much. Unfortunately, the only pictures I have are of food because no one took any pictures of people. (But notice Keith's swan/duck apples.)

Friday, Uncle Chris and Aunt Brenda came for lunch, and then we ended up at the Hardin house in the evening. The kids didn't seem to overload on aunts and uncles, so that's good. Chris, Keith, and I have started a campaign to get Brenda to want to "retire" here in NWA, and I played the strongest card: nieces and nephew. We went to the Jones Center playground to take family pictures, then ended up at Chris's favorite restaurant: AQ. 
At the Hardin house, Uncle Paul caught Karen sucking her thumb, so he told her that his thumb tasted better. He spent maybe five minutes trying to convince her that she needed to try his thumb to see just how good it was. She finally came and put his thumb in her mouth!! And immediately bit him. Then, Aunt Zina said hers tasted better, so Karen tried it. In the end, Karen decided that Zina's and Karen's tasted the best, but not Paul's. Eww.

Maybe, Saturday, we'll sleep in and take long naps and just rest. Somehow, though, I suspect that won't happen.

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