Friday, December 20, 2013

Eye drops

L: Mommy, I need eye drops. 
A: Why?
L: There's something in my eye and it hurts.
A: Let me see. **checks eye.* I don't see anything.
L: But you gave me eye drops when it hurt.
A: When?
L: When I had purple eye. And you had to give me eye drops.
A: **giggle* That's was medicine because you had an infection. You don't have an infection now. Nothing's in your eye. **lets go of eyelid and face*
L: Now it hurts again.
A: Ah. That's because your bangs just fell into your eyes. Time for a trim.
L: Oh. No eye drops?
A: No eye drops.
L: No purple eyes?
A: **smile* No pink eye, no.

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