Saturday, December 21, 2013

Laura on Special Nights and Food:

This afternoon, after Keith got off work, he took the girls to the mall to do some Christmas shopping, and I took David to my parents' to help them with a few things. But I had already "cooked" the pre-made, frozen meal that was on the menu calendar for today: beans and quinoa. It had been in the oven all afternoon. 

Shortly after telling the girls to get dressed so that they could go somewhere special with Daddy, I checked on the beans. Laura came up to me, saw the beans, and said, "Oh, that's perfect for a date night food!" Haha. Most of the world would not agree with you on that one, chicka.

Then, once they got to the mall, Laura told Keith, "You know, I'm hungry, and they sell food here." Apparently, she'd forgotten about the beans. 

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