Thursday, August 7, 2014


We are getting close to potty training time with Little Monkey. We're about to enter the books/movies stage wherein he hears about going potty all the time until he decides to try it. To mark this event, (and because it was tax free weekend) he got a new Razorback mini backpack. He's is SO proud of it. He doesn't realize yet that the diapers in it will be replaced with pull-ups in a few months. But he wears his "red and black razorback backpack" with pride. Say that ten times fast. In Monkey's mouth, it all sounds exactly the same. When he was leaving Sunday school, he looked so big with his backpack and paper. Like a kid actually going to school. Which had his mommy working to not cry. He won't go to school for another two years, but already, it feels like tomorrow he'll be graduating with his doctorate.

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