Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Secret

Frog's birthday is coming up soon. Since it's her first grade birthday, she gets a party. Grammy has arranged for a party at one of our local boutiques who does princess dress up parties where the kids get to take home the flower headbands, tutus, and jewelry they make while there. Perfect party for my Frog. 

Grammy asked when Little Bug was in the room, "Did you tell her what my birthday present for her is, or did you just invite people?" I just invited people. Bug piped up, "What did you get her? I want to know! Tell me!" Are you going to tell her? "Noooo..." Then what are you going to do with the information? "Hide it in my inside." Grammy and I burst out laughing.  Sher cajoling manner was way too adorable. She will definitely be keeping me on my toes in the future.

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