Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sisterly Care

Monkey's runny nose turned into a minor infection, despite my best efforts. He ran a fever Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. As soon as Little Bug got out of class Wednesday, we headed home and locked ourselves away for the rest of the day. The two of them napped in my bed with me. Then, when they woke up, they didn't move, but rather just turned on the iPad and played games together. They kept playing with their outside hands, while holding the hands between them. But every time I tried to get a picture of this, they'd need all four hands to accomplish something on the screen.

I finally put them to bed in their own beds, which neither was too happy about. When they woke up this morning, they both came straight back to Mommy's bed and cuddled some more. This time, they played tickling games, hide and seek games (with the blankets thrown over their faces), and goofy faces games. Monkey is obviously feeling much better. It's probably because his big sister has been taking care of him. 

At one point, he just lay down on her chest and didn't move. Bug asked, "Why he huggin me?" To which he immediately sat up, looked at her like he'd had no idea she was there, and then yelled some nonsense and crawled away. Poor girl. Someday she'll learn that the number one rule to ensuring your brothers continue to hug you is to not say a word about the fact that they are.

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