Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oh, what a change in my life has been wrought!

I have a wonderful announcement that I am thrilled beyond measure about.

Last spring, Little Frog and I began having serious discussions about salvation. I could tell she was under conviction for a couple of months. Then, in the summer, she woke up a totally different kid. She told me she asked Jesus to clean her heart, and that He did. I told her I was excited, but then quietly watched to see if there were any changes in her.

She became very concerned that Little Bug would go to Heaven too, that the orphans in Africa don't know Jesus, and that everybody she meets gets a tract. She became much more sensitive to wanting to obey with joy when given a command. She was constantly pulling out her Bible and reading it, and then asking questions.

After months of watching her grow in tiny increments, she finally asked about what exactly baptism is, so we began several long conversations about baptism being a public declaration that you've been saved, and that it allows you to join the church and carry all the rights and responsibilities thereof. 

Tonight, she had her second talk with Bro. Brian, and she will be baptized Sunday morning. 

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