Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Silver Lining

Yesterday, Little Frog tripped and fell face first onto the concrete at school. Luckily, Momma was there to hold her while the nurse cleaned her up. She scraped one knee, a couple of fingers, and her forehead, nose, and lips. She was super brave getting cleaned up, but she's not looking quite so lovely right now.

This morning, however, she decided to tell Daddy some wonderful news.
LF: Daddy, do you know the good part about this?
K: What's that?
LF: I pick my nose a lot, but it hurts with this, so I'm not picking it any more.
(Mommy doubles over trying to hold the laughter in.)
K: Oh! That is good. But you shouldn't ever pick your nose, so let's try to stop that all together.
LF: Ok!

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