Sunday, February 1, 2015

A heart for orphans

For those of you who are Little Frog's teachers or have been around her when she prayed lately, she's currently praying for something that sounds...odd. So, I thought I'd explain.

Several years ago, when talking about what Bibi and Babu do, we mentioned orphans. This led to an extensive discussion about what an orphan is, and how they need us to be Christ in their world and love them for Christ. (Specifically by providing for their physical needs.) As we've been discussing this on and off for a couple of years now, Little Frog has developed a real heart for orphan care. 

At the end of 2014, Keith and I sat down and had a very serious financial discussion. We decided we have to get out from under Wiggins Wheels debt this year so that we can be free to be involved in every ministry we'd like to be involved in. Which means that for the last month, our kids have been hearing, "I'm sorry. We can't afford that" a lot.

It didn't take Little Frog too long to figure out that not only do we not have the money for random toys or restaurant trips, but we might not have the money to visit Bibi and Babu in Tanzania this Christmas, like we've been planning for a while. This is breaking her heart because she's been bound and determined to go to Africa and tell all the orphans about Jesus and feed them all for several months now. 

So, when you hear Little Frog pray for the money for Africa for the orphans, that's what it is. She wants the Lord to plop $15,000 into our laps so that we can go feed orphans. This makes me inordinately proud and sad. 

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