Sunday, February 1, 2015

A new MBBC member

Little Frog has asked me questions since long before she could talk. She's incredibly curious, and she usually has a very interesting view of the world. It was inevitable that she would eventually begin asking a million questions about what exactly it means for Jesus to clean your heart and why that was necessary. She's been asking about salvation, church membership, baptism, and Heaven since Uncle Ethan died four years ago. 

This past summer, she told me one morning that she asked Jesus to clean her so that she could go to Heaven, and that He had. So, I began watching. I saw quite a bit of evidence that she had truly been changed. I wasn't that surprised when she told me she needed to be baptised. We had several different discussions with Bro. Brian, and he brought her before the church this morning. The water was freezing, but my baby had a huge grin on her face because the thing she's needed to do for months now was finally done. She's excited about being a member of Mission Blvd. Baptist Church now.

To mark the occasion, Bibi sent Laura a WWJD? bracelet and this email:
Best wishes for tomorrow.  It may seem as if you are afraid, however; when you are answering the call of God, he gives you a calm that you will recognize as God's hand on you.  Love you so much. Bibi

To say we are all proud is an understatement. Aunt Zizi helped us upstairs, and she proudly told Little Frog that she was also seven when she got baptised. Then I pointed out that Grandad and I were both seven too. I think that made Little Frog extra happy.

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  1. What a sweet Little Frog. Amen