Wednesday, March 18, 2015


 Frog: I want Bug to come play with me!
A: But she wants to take a nap. Play with Monkey.
Frog: But I want to play school, and he's not smart enough. See: Monkey, what's one plus two?
Monkey: (thinks for a second) Three. 
A: Haha. It sounds to me like he can play school with you.
Frog: What's four plus four?
Monkey: Four, six, four, six.
Frog: See?
A: Bug doesn't get all of the questions right all the time either. And neither do you at school. You have to TEACH him first. 
Frog: I just want her to come play with me.
A: Play school with Monkey, or pick another game. Bug needs a nap. 

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