Saturday, March 14, 2015

Play time with other kids

Aunt Trish took care of my bambinos today. Since Frog spent a large portion of that time at someone else's sleepover, this meant that Bug played with Robbie a lot. So, here's a breakdown of my communications with Aunt Trish today:

Trish on FB:
The difference between boys and girls: Robbie is pretending he's trapped in a video game; everyone dies. Bug is pretending Robbie is playing with her.

Me via text:
"And me and Robbie played together." What did you play? "Well, it was in my room. We played superheroes. I was Catwoman, he was Batman."

Trish via text:
He talked her into it like this. "Wanna be Cat woman? She has a whip." "Ok!"

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