Friday, March 13, 2015

How to grow creativity:

Little Bug (turning five in a few weeks) and Little Monkey (just over two and a half) have been denied the TV and told to go play in their room. They don't like playing anywhere that's not Mommy's lap, though. Since I've locked myself in the master bathroom, they are playing in my room.

They closed the door to the hallway and declared themselves locked in a dungeon with no escape. Now, they are trying to get out. They've discovered that they're in CandyLand, so there's a possiblity that they might eat their way out of the dungeon. First, they tried the cookie door into the bathroom, but discovered that the cookie doesn't go away no matter how many bites they take. Now, they're trying to eat their way through another door, the closet door. It's a hole into CandyLand, apparently, and as long as they dance to The Candy Man's music, they can go through the hole. They're riding on candy boats now (my shoes) down the river through The Candy Man's hole to his house. But the river is going the wrong way! It's not leaving the dungeon! It keeps taking them back to the cookie door. 

I'd be even more impressed with their imagination capabilities if they weren't singing songs from Willy Wonka and licking the bathroom door handle.

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