Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Little Frog has been learning about balance at First Tee. As much as possible, I apply that to other areas of her life. 

Today, she was taking her typical 100 bad pictures of the same thing. So I gave her a lesson in light balance. I pulled up Charlie Hoover's Geek Scape of the Day collection and showed her how the pictures were balanced between light and dark so that you could still see lots of details in both the bright and shadowed areas. I had her take some more pictures, just focusing on light balance. 

This is her picture of Noche before the lesson:

Here is her picture of Noche after the lesson:

Here are some of the other great shots she took after we talked:
(That one reminds me of H.N. James' portraits.)
(I cropped that one to make the tile with junk go away.)
(I pointed out how shadow can show texture, when the light is at the right angle. She really liked that and took several more pictures of pillows and blankets, but this was the best.)
(Next, we'll be talking about focus.)

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  1. What a neat lesson, and a great pupil. Nicely done!