Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Review

This summer has been incredibly busy. Laura and I have been babysitting, gone to camp, vacationed in Missouri, managed to survive while Daddy was in Africa, and taken some major steps in the growing-up process. I recognize that this site has been largely forgotten this past summer, and I apologize. At least for most of the summer, I updated Twitter/Facebook so that most of my readers could get an idea of what we're up to. But now it's time to make up for all of that.

Below are the pictures and videos from the last several weeks (but not including pictures previously uploaded to the site.) Interspersed with those are
Twitter updates about Laura (for a permanent record on Laura's site) and links to earlier posts where I actually wrote about what we'd done. I hope this catches everyone up nicely.

May 25th: Circus
The Blog
MrsAWiggins05 and family are headed for Laura's first Circus!! Plenty of pictures on the blog promised for tonight!

May 26th: Hide-And-Seek
MrsAWiggins05 has 3 older kids today, playing hide and seek. Laura keeps revealing hiding places, following them around.

June 1st: Narnia
MrsAWiggins05 is watching Narnia again. If I keep getting a new batch of kids each week and they all pick LWW out, I'll have it memorized by summer's end. (We watched Narnia at least once a week the whole summer.)

June 2nd: Planet Earth
Have I told you recently that my daughter is a genius? Today, she made her toy lion eat her toy gazelle. #PlanetEarth watched here.

June 9th: Diva
Laura just threw a fit-no kidding!-because I put her in shorts/shirt instead of a dress. Or maybe she wanted to wear pink instead of orange.

June 10, 15th: Learning to Play Music
Piano on the 10th

Drums on the 15th

June 16-19th: Church Camp
The Blog
Laura just said her 1st sentence: Is dat girl? I was happy to say Yes!

June 22nd-24th: Being Sick
-Laura is vomiting. :( This is especially important for those who were with her at church. 1:01 AM Jun 22nd
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura are well again. Getting ready to send Keith to the wilds of Africa and depart for Misery. I mean: Missouri. So much left to do...11:25 AM Jun 24th
-MrsAWiggins05 is wishing this sickness would just go away and let Laura and I get better. 8:04 AM Jun 25th

June 25th: Big Girl Bed
The Blog
Laura is asleep in her new big girl bed. Check out the blog. 10:51 PM Jun 25th

June 27th: Taking Daddy to Tulsa Airport
The Blog
MrsAWiggins05 loves road trips. But a 20 mo old who hates her car seat spoils the ride.

June 30-July 3rd: Trip to Missouri
The Blog
-Leaving Springdale. I think the trip may take longer than normal just because I have Laura. 8:44 AM Jun 30th
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura got a 69 in bowling. About half of that was Laura. 3:26 PM Jun 30th
-Laura got her first strike! X! 4:48 PM Jun 30th (picture here)
-At the Toy & Miniature Museum of KC. Too bad they don't allow photography. 11:09 AM Jul 1st
-When given the choice between a magnetic zoo or a magnetic doll house, Laura chose the zoo. Have I mentioned she loves animals? 1:07 PM Jul 1st
-Laura is holding up animals from her zoo and I'm naming them. When I said gorilla, she said, "grilla." 7:42 AM Jul 2nd

-The Lord drove me and Laura safely home to AR. I am very sick. At least I can sleep now. 3:39 PM Jul 3rd

July 4th: Church Picnic

July 5th: Talking more and more.
The Blog
Todays 1st words: excited: Daddy! Daaaddy? crying: Daa-ddy! Ran into my room: Daddy Daddy Daddy! 32 hours left, sweetheart.

July 6th: Getting Daddy (and toys)
Have Keith and luggage. Laura likes her new toys.

July 10th: Teething
I knew Laura was teething. But I really checked it out today. All four molars at once. Ouch!

July 11th: Dinner at Chick-fil-A
MrsAWiggins05 just had some @Chickfila_NCA for dinner. Yum! (Daddy and Laura in the playground.)

July 13th: Tea Parties
MrsAWiggins05 took a break from cooking dinner to check on Keith and Laura. Found them having a tea party. Guess they didn't want to wait.

July 20th: Karoke
Laura likes Karaoke. Who knew? (The video wasn't any good, so here's a picture of Laura and Cohen watching a movie)

July 21st: Living a Fairy Tale
Prince Charming (Laura) woke up Sleeping Beauty (Daddy) with a kiss this morning.

July 22nd: Having Real Conversations
Cohen? "Yes, we are going to Cohen's house." Why? "To play." Ok. -Words are great.

July 27th: Friends
Laura learned the sign for "friend" today. Apparently, Cohen is her friend.

July 28th: Parade
After their tea party, "my" kids decided to have a parade. So cute.

July 30th: Bad Day
Laura is being a turd today.

July 31st: Band Beginnings

August 3rd: Calling Animals
Laura tried to click her tongue at Noche like I did. It sounded like a pig grunt. SO cute.

August 4th: Day with Dantre

August 5th: Music Lover
Our cd alarm clock has a copy of Yoyo Ma's recording of Bach's Cello Suite. Laura played it over and over to sing with it this morning.

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